Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our dry erase products so beneficial to you, your students and your classroom? Are you interested in learning how to clean your dry erase board, how your dry erase markers work, or what “dry erase” even is? Then you have come to the right place.

The Markerboard People understands that you might have a lot of questions for our whiteboard company. To help answer many of the most common questions we see, we have created this helpful FAQ guide. Take a look below to see if we have successfully answered your questions.

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What Does Dry Erase Mean?

A real dry erase surface is simply a solid, smooth, non-porous surface, usually white in color. Did you know that others sell semi-porous surfaces and call them dry erase? Semi-porous surfaces will permanently stain over time. We only sell real non-porous dry erase items. Our surface is guaranteed to not permanently stain even if written on with the wrong item.

Did You Know?

A marker board or dry erase board that is permanently stained is in that condition because it has a semi-porous surface. In the past, all student dry erase boards used to have non-porous surfaces. That often isn’t the case anymore. Our non-porous dry erase surface will never permanently stain, even if it is written on with the wrong type of marker. If you are looking at buying your dry erase products from someplace else, we want you to ask them if they will guarantee, in writing, that their dry erase surface will never permanently stain, even if someone uses the wrong marker on it. If they say no, then it is an easy way to know their surface quality. It isn’t any wonder why so many catalogs only give you a 30-day guarantee.

If you are investing in a dry erase board then you need to make sure you are getting something that will stand up to all of the use and abuse it will see throughout the years in your classroom or business. Always make sure the seller guarantees in writing that it will clean up and not become stained and unusable.

How Do I Clean My Markerboard?

First things first; never use abrasive cleaners. Old-fashioned Comet might be good for the bathtub but it is awful for your dry erase board.

Hal’s personal favorite heavy-duty cleaner for our boards is non-acetone fingernail polish remover. It is a pink liquid and costs around a dollar per bottle. It is available in most drug stores. Use a soft paper towel or cloth and wipe the boards clean, replacing the towels as needed. As a bonus, it will even clean off permanent markers including sharpies without hurting our surface.

For everyday use, we offer the EXPO dry erase board cleaner. You also may be able to remove those unwanted marks from your dry erase board by going over it with your dry erase marker and then erasing it

Looking to clean a board that you didn’t purchase from us? We recommend you check with the manufacturer to avoid damaging your board.

How Long Do Dry Erase Markers Last?

We guarantee one of our student dry erase markers will write at least as long as two EXPO chisel tip markers.
These quality student markers are designed to last anywhere from a term up to a full school year in normal classroom use. Some educators that have used our products have told us they lasted up to two years without replacing them. Some educators even claim our markers last forever. (Please be aware that this is hyperbole, not reality.)

There can be major differences between manufacturers when it comes to the quality of the dry erase markers you purchase. There can also be major differences in how the markers are handled by distributors. At the end of the day, however, all dry erase markers have a limited shelf life. Some will dry out in just a few days even though they have never been used. Buying your markers from a store? That stale stock could have been manufactured a couple of years ago, meaning they are used up before you start.

When you order your markers from us you are getting fresh markers free of toxins and unpleasant odors. These are the best markers on the market and you will see the difference they make once you start using them. They are even washable off skin!

How Long Do Markerboards Last?

We have seen “markerboards” made from everything from cardboard to Styrofoam, and even some that feature a thin plastic film. Needless to say, these boards aren’t built to stand up to the standard wear and tear found in a classroom setting.

Thankfully, our markerboards are made to be “goof-proof.” They are designed to last for several years in daily classroom use. For more than 40 years we have been advancing the quality of our products based on the feedback we hear from teachers, students and parents. Just handle with basic care and keep them away from sharp objects and abrasive cleaners. We guarantee that our markerboard can be cleaned off and that our graphics are permanently etched onto the surface or we will replace it for free!

Can You Do a Special Order for Me?

We specialize in special orders in quantities of 500 to 500,000! You will be amazed at what we can do for you and your school, business, or organization.

How Long Before My Order Is Shipped?

Most online orders placed before noon Eastern Time are shipped the very same day that we receive them. Most other orders go out the next business day.

Contact us with any additional questions you might have about dry erase boards. We look forward to working with clients from all across the country.